Pilkinton Genealogy

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Uncle Henry Pilkinton passed away Sunday

March 26, 2006. Obit.

Henry's son Donald Pilkinton passed away Monday

April 3, 2006. Obit


Last Update: 24 Jun 2008

DNA TEST: I have submitted my DNA test through Ancestry.com. More test volunteers are needed from all the various branches i.e. Pilkington, Pilkinton, Pilkenton, Pilkilton, Pinkleton, Pingleton, etc. This test is the male Y chromosome test, so if you are a lineal male  descendant of one of these lines or a female who wishes to sponsor a male relative, please contact me via email. I am setting up a results page at Ancestry.com because they can compare my results in their database. DNA tests are the future of genealogy and will definitively prove or disprove certain assumptions or theories in our genealogy. We can find our line in England eventually if enough male Pilks will take the test.
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